Langley Industrial Machining

Established in 1997


Welding, Engineering & Metal Fabrication



Langley Industrial Machining & Fabrication

Langley Industrial Machining exists to help you and your company make custom solutions for your custom needs.

Our Commitment

We value our customers and our community, and will continue to provide excellent service, hard work, and quality products to clients, that are delivered on time. This is our commitment to you.

  • Well-maintained, up-to-date equipment
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Well-trained, knowledgeable staff
  • Over 23 years in the business, Langley Industrial Machining, Inc. is an experienced fabricator, with a strong work ethic

Specializing in CNC Machining

Precision and productivity at its best

Why Work With Langley?

What makes us stand out

Knowledgeable Staff

We have experienced personnel that are specially trained in industrial machining and fabrication.

The Proper Equipment

We are equipped with modern machinery to produce top quality work for your needs.

Project Diversity

We are available for your largest project down to your smallest job. Firm price quotes are available for all projects.

If You Can Plan It, We Can Build It

We have the skills and the diversity.

We service all types of industries including Agricultural, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Consumer Goods, Food Processing, Marine, Paper Products, Pharmaceuticals, Roofing, Steel Manufacturing, and Wood Processing.

You can Count on Langley Industrial Machining

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